With heads held high. Surviving and living in Kibbutz Ma’abarot

Cover of the DVD packaging
The documentary film "With heads held high. Surviving and living in Kibbutz Ma’abarot", produced by the docview.org project group, tells the life stories of five people who share two things: All of them were born and raised as children in Germany and were persecuted as Jews by the Nazis from 1933 onwards - and all of them live in the Kibbutz Ma'abarot in Israel, a community organized along socialist principles.
Cover and inside of the DVD packaging
DVD and booklet cover
In 2014, the film won the feature film competition of the LICHTER Film Festival Frankfurt International and was screened in numerous art house cinemas nationwide. In 2015, it was broadcast by the TV channel phoenix.
Booklet cover and inside pages
Booklet inside pages
Movie poster
A DVD packaging with a trilingual, 16-page booklet (German / English / Hebrew) and a film poster were designed for the film.