Phantasmagorical Horizon

Artist book by Jeronimo Voss

Book cover with cloth binding and blind embossing
Book block and ribbon
Ribbon and endpapers
We developed the book Phantasmagorical Horizon in collaboration with artist Jeronimo Voss on the occasion of his solo exhibition of the same title, which was on display from December 2013 to January 2014 at the MMK Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt.
Detail shot of double page with transparent paper
Detail shot of text overlays on pages with transparent paper
Double page with transparent paper
Detail shot of illustrations on pages with tracing paper
The 268-page bilingual book (English / German) with contributions by Astrid Mania, Christiane Ketteler and Chris Tedjasukmana was published by Revolver-Verlag.
Detail shot of text page with author and title of contribution
Detail shot of footnotes
Double page spread with author, contribution title, text and image
Double page full-page image and text
Double page text and image
The book consists of three sections: The first section includes work by the artist and is printed on transparent paper. The contributions of the authors in the second part are printed on monochrome factory printing paper. The last section, made of matte image printing paper, includes photographs of the exhibition. The cloth binding is blind embossed and the book is equipped with a ribbon bookmark.
Double-page photo of the exhibition space
Single page photo of a work in the exhibition
Double page photo of an installation
Single page photo of an installation with projector