Handkäs’ International

... oder die Welt auf einem Stinker

Literal translation: Hand cheese international ... or the world on a stinker)

Cover and endpapers
Double page: history and production
Follow-up pages: history and production
The design of the 128-page, 4-color cookbook as well as the creation of the approximately 80 photographs for 44 illustrated Handkäs' recipes and the glossary with over 20 additional recipes was realized by Jörg of the Institut für Gebrauchsgrafik. All recipes were created by his his brother Jens. The book was published in December 2014 by B3 Verlag.
Double page: Food and drink
Chapter page: Asia
Handkäs’ is an icon of Hessian cuisine and is an integral part of the tradition of cider pubs, especially in Frankfurt. Combined with elements from a wide variety of national and provincial cuisines, the ordinary Handkäs’ mit Musik (hand cheese with music) becomes a new taste experience. For example, Moroccan salty lemons, Styrian pumpkin seed oil or Vietnamese peanut sauce find their way onto the yellow sour milk cheese.
Photos page: Moroccan
Recipe page: Moroccan
Photo page: Chinese
Photos page: Japanese
Photo page: Portuguese
Photos page: Brazilian
A detailed glossary introduces how to make spice blends, curry pastes, and other ingredients that can be used in a variety of ways beyond the recipes presented in the book.
Detail view: Glossary
Double page: Glossary
Detail shot: glossary photo
Detail shot: glossary photo with recipe