Emil Behr – Briefzeugenschaft vor, aus, nach Auschwitz 1938–1959

Literal translation: Emil Behr – Witnessing by letters before, from, after Auschwitz 1938-1959

To accompany the exhibition »Emil Behr – Briefzeugenschaft vor, aus, nach Auschwitz 1938–1959«, we developed a website that makes it possible to interactively experience the six chapters of a radio play that forms the core of the exhibition.
Information on a selected letter from Emil Behr to Hedwig Behr
Document opened in overlay: Photo of a card written by Hedwig and Emil Behr to Werner Behr
The exhibition was created in a cooperation of the Museum Judengasse with the Institut für deutsche Literatur und ihre Didaktik (Institute for German Literature and its Didactics) of the Goethe University and was developed together with students of the Goethe University. It was on view at the Museum Judengasse in Frankfurt from November 30, 2012 - March 31, 2013.
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Front and back of business cards to the website
Vistit website »Emil Behr – Briefzeugenschaft vor, aus, nach Auschwitz 1938–1959«: briefzeugenschaft.de