diskus – Frankfurter Student_innen­zeitschrift

Literal translation: discus – Frankfurt student magazine

In 2014 we revised the appearance of the diskus. Frankfurter Student_innen Zeitschrift fundamentally and designed the issues published since then.

Cover of different issues
The magazine is published by an editorial team at Frankfurt's Goethe University and deals critically with social, cultural and university policy issues about twice a year. The magazine's history dates back to the 1950s.
Detail shot of a cover page with silver hot foil embossing
Detail of an inside page
Detail shot of a double page spread with large picture
The newspaper project not only informs students and subscribers in Frankfurt, it is distributed across the country.
Detail of a table of contents
Two double pages
From time to time, special issues of diskus are published, which focus intensively on a particular topic.
Detail shot of a headline
Detail shot of a double page with a large picture
Detail shot of a double page with many small pictures
Detail shot of a page with illustration
The latest issues are available in the student house of the Goethe University Frankfurt. Orders can be placed via Black Mosquito.
Detail shot of a double page with crossword puzzle
Detail shot of the footer of an issue
Double page with cartoons
Photo of the cover of different issues
We also conceived and designed the website for diskus: diskus.copyriot.com