View into the exhibition room

Die Selektion von Entebbe

On behalf of the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Education Center), we designed several special exhibitions, including Die Selektion von Entebbe (The Selection of Entebbe).

The contents of the exhibition were developed at the Historisches Seminar der Goethe-Universität (Goethe University History Department). It focuses on left-wing anti-Semitism based on the example of the Entebbe airplane hijacking. We designed the exhibition architecture, developed exhibits and created advertising material for the exhibition.
Poster and brochure
View through the prism
The center of the exhibition is a prism made of acrylic glass on which two projections with interviews with the hostages can be seen simultaneously. The hostages are presented in the entrance area by means of a generative projection realized by us.
A person looks at an exhibition panel
An exhibit with timeline and two panels
Projection with the names of the people who were kidnapped
A person looks at an exhibition board and newspaper clippings
View into the exhibition space through a curtain
Photographs of the exhibition: Felix Schmitt